Electric Toothbrush: Online Shopping Guide

Here is your online shopping guide for electric toothbrushes. The guide shows you various brands, from which you can buy online, so we can better support smaller businesses by buying good products directly from them.

Electric toothbrushes are a great upgrade to your dental hygiene game. If you’ve never tried one, you’ve got to give it a go and feel the difference for yourself. The pulsing that gives you that deep clean; the built-in 30-second interval timer that adds up to 2 minutes; the fact that you only need to switch out a small toothbrush head instead of the whole handle – there’s a lot to like in an electric toothbrush.

I purchased my first electric toothbrush 8 years ago. Happily surprising, but I still am using the exact same one – long life! However, I’m almost ready to switch and when I do, I wanted to be prepared and know from where to purchase. I don’t think I could go back to a manual toothbrush now. I’ve tried on-and-off during short vacations and manual toothbrushes just don’t do the job for me anymore.

If you feel the same way and you’re shopping around for a good electric toothbrush, here are some cool brands that I’ve found and am considering.


Price: Burst offers a black or white electric toothbrush ($70) or you can upgrade to rose gold ($100). It’s replacement heads (with charcoal bristles) every 3 months cost $6. Recharge monthly via a USB base.

Shipping: Shipping is always free – no minimum orders; no required subscriptions.

Why: I might consider getting a Burst because I like their toothbrush lifetime warranty. As long as you have a toothbrush head subscription (i.e., you should order directly from their website), if your toothbrush breaks, they’ll send you a new one!

Why Not: I might not get a Burst because it’s a bit pricier than alternatives, though not by too much that it’s a deal-breaker.

Extra Info: One cool thing to check out is their deals section where they bundle a bunch of their products together for significant savings. If I were to go with Burst, I’d use this option.

Where Else: Also available on Amazon.


Price: Quip has designed a plastic ($25) and metal ($40) electric toothbrush that’s quite pretty to look at! The soft nylon brush heads should be replaced every 3 months. The subscription plan price is $10 every 3 months and includes 1) replacement toothbrush head, 2) AAA battery, 3) toothpaste.

Shipping: Shipping is free if you’ve joined with the replacement heads subscription plan (charged $10 every 3 months). Otherwise, it’s $10 shipping.

Why: I might get a Quip because I think it’s well designed and I would be happy to have it sit on my bathroom counter. It’s nice that you also don’t have to keep a charging base because it uses a single AAA battery that’s supposed to last 3 months.

Why Not: I might not get it just because the subscription plans feels very “strings attached” in that they don’t allow me to, for example, just order a pack of 4 toothbrush heads when I order my toothbrush. Rather, I have to be in an active subscription and the head, which costs $5, is required to be bundled with a $5 tube of toothpaste. You also need to sign up for the subscription plan in order to get free shipping.

Extra Info: One AAA battery comes with each new toothbrush head. If you’re eco-conscious and use your own rechargeable battery (yay, you!), you can email customer service to exclude the disposable battery with your order. However, note that you’ll pay the same price with or without the battery.

Where Else: Also available on Amazon.

Philips – Sonicare

Price: Philips Sonicare offers more than 30 electric toothbrush options of various fanciness, ranging from $15 to $300. Check out their website to do a Compare to find and pay for the exact features that you want in a toothbrush.

Shipping: Free on all orders

Why: This is a strong brand and I’m fairly confident they’ll be around for the next decade. I don’t have to worry about the company failing and not being able to buy replacement heads. Since the brand sells so much volume, generic brush heads have popped up in marketplaces so you don’t have to pay name-brand prices – though I cannot attest to the quality and comparability of generics.

Why Not: It’s like decision paralysis trying to sort through all the options they have on the website – gives me anxiety just looking at the options.

Extra Info: If you prefer to spread out your cost over the year, or like to upgrade your toothbrush every year, Sonicare has a toothbrush subscription plan starting at $6/mo for an annual subscription. The program will send you a new brush head every 3 months.

Where Else: Also available on Amazon (this is perhaps a better way to compare the benefits of different models), but does not allow for the subscription program.


Price: GLEEM offers a AAA battery-powered electric toothbrush ($20) and an electric toothbrush with a rechargeable base ($50). You can purchase 2-packs refills of their nylon-bristle replacement heads for $10.

Shipping: Shipping is free for all orders.

Why: The most cost-effective option I’ve seen! I also might get the GLEEM brush because I like how they’ve thought through an end-of-life program. Apparently you can send your used brush heads back to them for proper recycling.

Where Else: Also available at Walmart.


Price: GOBY offers its original electric toothbrush ($50 with monthly subscription), a monochrome electric toothbrush ($60 with monthly subscription) or a metallic electric toothbrush ($80 with monthly subscription). The monthly subscription plan is $6. If you don’t want the monthly subscription plan, add $15 to the price of the electric toothbrush. The toothbrush is charged every 2 weeks via USB.

Shipping: Shipping is free for all subscription orders and orders over $10.


Price: An electric toothbrush for $65, to be charged every 25 days via USB and you can order replacement heads for $6. The bristles use activated charcoal, which purports to naturally prevent bacteria from growing on your brush head. remove teeth stains more effectively.

Shipping: Shipping is free with subscription orders, and on non-subscription orders over $30. Otherwise, it’s $2.50.

Why: Through a non-profit organization called Surge, BOKA donates one toothbrush for every one sold. I also like that their economics make sense and it gives me comfort that they’ve thought about their prices logically. Buying their replacement heads in bulk is cheaper than getting a subscription – this makes logical sense but some companies don’t seem to offer a discount for reducing the amount of orders shipped (for those trying to be more eco-friendly).

Summary of Electric Toothbrushes to Order Online

Over the last handful of years, a number of exciting and innovative toothbrush companies have started to appear on the market challenging those in the more traditionally dominating positions. These new companies have introduced subscription models so 1) it’s easier to pay the cost of an electric toothbrush over time, and 2) the toothbrush head arriving in your mail every 3 months is a built-in reminder to change your toothbrush head for the most effective cleaning.

The pros of these smaller, new brands are that it’s always fun to be a champion of early brands and support budding entrepreneurs. The cons are that their reputation hasn’t yet been established over the years now. However, there are plenty of online reviews to help you make your decision.

I hope this guide helps – let me know if you have any questions.